Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sassy Skirts

Are you ready for these! They are here! Aren't these the Sassiest things you have ever seen! We can't get enough of them! These are now being sold for $24 each. These come in sizes from
3 months up to 6T. If you need bigger sizes please email us .

SS-3 Bronze Velvet
This skirt is a Bronze Taffeta with raised Velvet details and velvet ribbon trim.

SS-2 White Flower
This skirt is a cotton skirt with velvet ribbon trim.

SS-1 Black Swirl
This skirt is a cotton skirt with velvet ribbon trim.


lissa said...

I love to see your products! And the twins are adorable! Thanks!

TEISHA said...

ADORABLE!!! I would love some fun summer colors!!!

brandiebean said...

How my Goodness. what else is there to say but i wish i was having a girl not a boy. TOO Cute

Jason and Stefanie Burt said...

You guys seriously are talented!! Love everything... and now Im glad I dont have to look anywhere else to buy baby gifts!!

Kenny & Stacy MacConaghy said...

I love these skirts and everything else you've posted. I am loving my Dipey Wipey and Kayleigh can't keep her hands off her crayon roll. I can't wait to see what else is coming.