Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dipey Wipey

If your anything like us our diapers and wipes were always spread throughout our diaper bag or purse. This is a stylish and convenient Diaper and Wipes holder. When your on the go and don't want to grab the big diaper bag, grab this "Dipey Wipey" and your good to go. Its also convenient when your kids are older you don't need that bulky diaper bag, this is all you need to change your little ones, of any age!
These will hold about 4 big diapers and a travel size of wipes perfectly!

DW-1 $12

DW-2 $12

DW-3 $12

DW-4 $12

DW-5 $12

DW-6 $12

DW-7 $12

DW-8 $12

DW-9 $12

DW-10 $12

DW-11 $12

DW-12 $12


Rachel Larsen said...

I LOVE IT!! Great job, gals, I especially love the Dipey Wipey, and crinkle toy, what great ideas! I'll be passing your blog on ASAP!

Paige said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff! It is all so very cute! I passed your blog on to some friends and also invited them through facebook! Very creative and cute! Great Job!!