Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crayon Roll / Bath Toy Bag

Of course we created something cute and sassy for your crayons. These little crayon rolls are great for taking to church or where you need to keep your little ones quiet! They are stylish yet practical to organize all your crayons. These fit a box of regular 16 crayons!
Crayons not included. If desired please email us.

Boys $8


Boys $8

Girls $8

Anyone who has kids has soggy wet bath toys taking up space in their empty bath tub. These bags are the PERFECT solution to keeping your toys mildew free! This mesh bag is ideal for these toys to breathe and dry quickly. Did we mention these are a little stylish for the tub!
Suction cups not included. If desired please email us.

BT-1 Green Blue $7

BT-2 Multi Polka Dot $7

BT-3 Brown Blue or Brown & Pink $7

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