Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Line 2011!!!!


Aren't those about the cutest skirts you've ever seen. And those tough boys....need we say more.

{See pictures below for pricing and ordering details} This new Skirt Style is Highlighted with a Polka dot top, A big Satin Flirty flower & peaking out the bottom new this spring is LACE! Lace is making a new trend this year on everything! The Lilli

$28 - $34

The Addi
$28 - $34 (Because of the hectic picture taking day :), the flower is a little too centered in this pic, it really is suppose to be off to the side a little more. See The Lilli and Sydni for examples).

The Sydni
Price: $28 - $34
If you'd like a tie in any of the Lilli, Addi, or Sydni skirt materials, we'd be happy to make them for you. Just Let us know.

THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS, THAT WAS JUST THE INTRODUCTION, THERE'S LOTS MORE.... The "hear-say" is, that yellow and Grey is the "must have" color combo this spring. We do think this next combo is a definite "must have!"

The yellow on this skirt is super (washable!!) Glittery!!
The Yellow Shimmer
Price: $26 -$32
And a perfect tie to go with it.... The Paxton Tie Price:
$12 This next material is the PERFECT Easter material, it has almost every color that you'd dye an Easter egg in it. In fact, Becky is so obsessed with this material, we call it her "affair" fabric. She's been making EVERYTHING out of it.

So, let's call this one The Affair Skirt :) Price: $26 - $32
The Affair Tie
$12 The Affair Shirt $10-$15

How could you do a Spring/Easter collection without purple?

The Antiqued Purple
Price: $26 - $32 We found this material right around Valentines Day, and wanted to add it to our Valentines collection, but didn't have time. However, we still want you to have it as an option.
The Izzy Price: $26 - $32
Here's one for those of you who needed a brown option.....

The Brown Polka Price: $26 - $32
So, this next one, not so springy, but too cute not to offer as an option. Black, white and hot pink. With hot pink lace/tulle, topped off with a hot pink satin flower!

The Ava
Price: $28 - $34
Did you buy a "Rose Bouquet" shirt from our Valentines line and need another skirt to go with it.....this is another perfect match.
You can still purchase this shirt. The Rose Bouquet Shirt Price: $15
This one shows the lace detail a bit better.

Shirt option for the "Ava Skirt" (above) Sizes 0 months - 12 (in girls) Price: $15
Here's the option in red as well.
The Red Rose Price: $28 - $34


We are SO excited to introduce our new Pillowcase Dresses to you! Here are just a few options. If you'd rather a dress in any of the materials from the above skirts, we can do that for you as well, just let us know! Right now, these come in sizes 0 months - size 8 (in girls). The Anni $36-$42
The Oakley


The Pink Rose

$36-$42 And one more tie.....

Isn't this tie perfect! So springy. If you need a skirt to go with it, I'm sure we can come up with something.
The Porter Tie
**Stylish in the Kitchen** We know we've already showed you these once, but couldn't resist posting these darling pictures. What better than to give your little girl an apron for Easter egg dying :)!
Our "Lil Apron" Price: $18

You can get one for yourself too, for that Easter egg mess!Mom & Daughter can be stylish together in the Kitchen!

Mom Full Apron
Sizes: Adult 2-18 Price: $45

Half Apron available for $29

To order any of our products, please email us at simplysewsassy@gmail.com, the name of the item, size, and any other other specific info we need. Thanks for looking.
~~A special thanks to Ashley Scott Photography for all the AMAZING pictures she took for us! ~~ http://ashleyscottphotography.blogspot.com/ Find her on Facebook also. ashleyscottphotography@gmail


Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

the yellow and gray is to die for! I love that. I may just have to get a tie for logen. so cute.

RideoutCrew said...

Oh wow!! So cute and now to wait til the kids get home from school to get their opinion and order!! LOVE THEM :)

Paulsen said...

Wow there are so many cute things it was hard to pick. But I can really see my little Ryland in the Izzy. So I guess that is my favorite