Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Valentine's Love Line! UPDATED!!

Hopefully this will be the last update for our Valentines line :). Did you happen to order the damask Christmas skirt??We had a customer ask us if we could come up with something to match her Christmas skirts she bought her daughters ~ Great idea ~ This is what we came up with, if any of you are interested. Oh yeah, with this shirt, each time you wash it, it just keeps getting cuter. Don't you wish all clothes were like that! I love shopping at Forever 21, but it seems like the first time you wash something, it's not cute anymore :). These flowers are made to get cuter/more frayed everytime you wash it.
"Two Flower Damask Shirt"
Sizes: 6 months - 14
Price: $18


Not only are these new to our "Love Line," they are a totally new product we are going to start selling - Sassy Jammy Pants! This style is just a sneak peak of what's to come. Also, this particular style (Love Bird) is seasonal, just for Valentines Day. So, if you're interested in the "Love Bird" Sassy Jammy pants, you'd better jump on it. They will only be available to purchase 'til Valentines day.

"Love Bird" Sassy Jammy Pants
Sizes: 6 Month - 5T $16
Sizes: 6 - 12 $20

Can you picture your little girl in these Sassy Little Valentines Outfits! We just can't stop drooling over here!! We have created our Sassy Skirts to go with any time of the year but shout Valentines Day with these Sassy Shirts! Valentines Day is just around the Corner, send us an email with your orders or any questions you have!

The Rose Bouquet Outfit

The I Luv U outfit

You can switch the shirts to go with whatever skirt you want!

Pink goes with anything!

I Luv U Shirt
sizes: 0-18 months $10
sizes: 2-12 $15

Rose Bouquet Shirt
sizes: 0-18 months $10
sizes: 2-12 $15

(Love Shirt in action :) It's the best I could do. 15 month olds don't like to hold still)

Love Shirt
sizes: 0-18 months $10
sizes: 2-12 $15

The Sassy Pink Skirt
sizes: 3 month - 12

Valentine Swirl Skirt
sizes: 3 month - 12

Valentine Swirl Tie Onesie

Valentine Tie
$12 or 2 for $20

Sassy Pink Shoes
(no flower $15)

Valentine Swirl Shoes

Single Rose Shirt
Sizes: 0-18 months $10
Sizes: 2-12 $15


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